Throughout the history the kitchen evolved in response to changes in our life.

From previously known just as a place for cooking with minimal equipment the kitchen has become a rightful part of every house, which is worth spending your time and efforts on. Stylish and comfy kitchen depicts its owner’s philosophy, his notion of the comfort and forms a new social and living environment. Today, market is full of the enormous amounts of household appliances, abundance of the sanitary equipment, including taps and sinks of various sizes, colours and design. In addition, new technologies have permitted the development of previously unknown opportunities which result in the constant renewal of the product range offered by the manufacturers. How to orientate in such plethora of goods, choose the things that match the standards and requirements, and to get the interior of your dreams?

VIK AV OU is a tried-and-true firm which caters the complete sets of kitchens and bathrooms. Our product range includes in-built and other kitchen facilities: cookers, ovens, cooking units (hobs), exhaust hoods, and, of course, sinks and taps. We offer the choice of table tops and worktops, wall panels from stainless steel, tiles, various elements of decoration, even saucepans. By and large, we have everything that will make your kitchen a cosy and attractive place. From the beginning, the firm VIK AV OU aimed at supplying the top-notch high-quality retail and wholesale products to the Estonian market at the reasonable price. And we have succeeded. We understand what the life-style means, and VIK AV OU is a reliable partner.

Our demonstration hall (show-room) contains the ample display of the best household appliance samples featuring a variety of different trademarks:

TEKA, ALVEUS, ELLECI, ILVE, MAXFIRE, NOBILI, SYSTEMCERAM, GE, PYRAMIS, GALVAMET, BOSCH, SIEMENS, DANIEL, REMER, BARAZZA, FRANKE, ARTINOX, CATA, BUGNATESE, NODOR, INTRA, PURIS, BLUE WATER, ART PLATINO, WESCO, STEEL, RESTART, GAGGENAU, GULLO, MIELE, IP INDUSTRIE, KUPPERSBUSCH, FULGOR MILANO, NIVITO, BLANCO, ELECTROLUX, AEG, SMEG, SAMSUNG, LOEWE, etc., which are well-known all over the world (see more under brands). The luxurious atmosphere of branded products and exclusive design allows you to get a comprehensive overview of the upmarket professional samples and the timeless facilities for common users. Customers are offered the opportunity to make sure how the things will look or work inside their own interior. Our professional consultants are always at your disposal. Each model shown in our hall is a real adornment for your home, emphasizing the owner’s status with its unique impeccable style and flawless quality – you have only to make the choice of your own.

The company VIK AV OU is a successful marketer in Estonia and our name stands for the harmony of the absolute quality, exclusive approach and technological innovations. VIK AV OU – we are always ready to help you!