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ARTINOX. In 1985, this Italian company appeared on the market as a manufacturer of sheet metal. The subsequent success prompted the founders to new investments and expanding the range of products. Today ARTINOX is widely known as a manufacturer of sanitary ware, sinks, faucets and accessories for the kitchen. Polished brass and stainless steel used in the manufacture of goods ARTINOX are some of the most durable materials that provide pristine safety for the whole life-cycle of the product. The company also successfully using all possible combinations of different kinds of wood, natural and artificial stone, safe glass in the interior, which gives ARTINOX products a sophisticated restraint. Go to Website


BARAZZA with true Italian passion creates since 1948 high technology equipment for premium class kitchens. BARAZZA household appliances can and should be called intelligent: hobs, ovens, microwaves, and faucets work as if they know how to make the owner's life much easier and bring a comfort to it. By adding such attractive and refined aesthetics and easiness of handling the customer can understand the choice of those who had already given their hearts to BARAZZA. Thick one piece plated steel is the basis for casings of all the devices and plumbing fixtures. It provides durability and hygiene, as well as the eye-catching metallic shine of high-tech style. Go to Website



MAXFIRE was established in 1998 as a result of the incredible interest in scientific and technical work, innovative technologies and love for metal. Steel brilliance is a hallmark of MAXFIRE kitchen appliances. After all, stainless steel is a starting material for the production. Clean cooking surfaces without any frills and the most incredible shapes of hoods cause a genuine interest among the hi-tech style lovers.  Cold brilliance effect, all sorts of lighting and displays bring MAXFIRE hoods in line with the component elements of the spacecraft. Permanent interest of the company in exploring the properties of the steel ensure MAXFIRE's inexhaustible source of increasingly advanced technologies and design solutions. Go to Website

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