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Art Platino

BLUE WATER and ART PLATINO-1989 was the year everything started with a small factory producing faucets for kitchens and bathrooms. Today it is a large holding company (BLUE WATER and ART PLATINO), which offers about 100 models for kitchens and 200 - for bathrooms. Especially worth noting is the line of combined kitchen faucets 2in1: through different nozzles in one tap filtered and ordinary water is supplied without mixing, which saves significantly free space and simplifies maintenance. Faucets are made of cast brass, stainless steel, and ceramics. A special silicone mixture is used for lubrication. Such symbiosis confers resistance to mechanical stress, friction, chemicals, and corrosion. Elegant design, practicality, stability, continuous operation and attractive price make BLUE WATER faucets popular almost everywhere in the world. BLUE WATER is a winner of many awards received at the exhibitions and fairs of innovation and design. Go to Website


BARAZZA with true Italian passion creates since 1948 high technology equipment for premium class kitchens. BARAZZA household appliances can and should be called intelligent: hobs, ovens, microwaves, and faucets work as if they know how to make the owner's life much easier and bring a comfort to it. By adding such attractive and refined aesthetics and easiness of handling the customer can understand the choice of those who had already given their hearts to BARAZZA. Thick one piece plated steel is the basis for casings of all the devices and plumbing fixtures. It provides durability and hygiene, as well as the eye-catching metallic shine of high-tech style. Go to Website


BLANCO. 1925 was the year Henry Blanc founded the company in Germany for  producing kitchen faucets and sinks. Today, BLANCO produces kitchen equipment, the quality of which is highly valued in more than 100 countries around the world. Sinks, mixers, waste choppers, countertops, and all kinds of necessary kitchen odds and ends are made of highly durable materials such as stainless steel, granite, and ceramics. BLANCO products help to organize a comfortable, multi-functional and stylish kitchen space, for which they have earned the IF Product Design Award — one of the most renowned design awards. BLANCO's consistently high quality and flexible price policy can provide any customer an ability to find something that fits his needs. Go to Website


CATA. The history of the Spanish company began with the release of domestic fans in 1947. Since its founding, CATA Company has significantly increased the range of the products and now offers the market the hoods of various modifications, gas and electric ovens and hobs, recessed and other microwave ovens in more than 80 countries around the world. Almost 85% of the funds received from the sales, the company invests into the researching and monitoring the market, trying to reduce production costs, not loosing in quality. Of course, in a circle of interests of the company, there is not the only technological process. Just like fashion designers, CATA specialists release annually new "collections", and "dress" their appliances in fashionable colors. Go to Website    


ELLECI — This Italian company was found in 1992. Despite its youth, the corporation, in addition to large-scale production in Italy, has trade subsidiaries in the Baltic countries, Shanghai, and North America and is now at its peak of popularity. Granitek kitchen sinks hold the leading role in the range of brand's top products. They are made of special patented composite material and have built-in faucets. ELLECI sinks distinctive feature is minimalistic design and special rounded shapes that in general prevent wastes and water to dwell on the surface of the sink, which facilitates the cleaning greatly. A Rich color palette of ELLECI sinks and faucets gives a freedom of choice and an ability to fit the product into any interior. Go to Website


FRANKE was founded in 1911 by Hermann Franke, Switzerland. It all started with a tiny workshop on manufacturing sheet metal products. Now FRANKE is a well-known producer of kitchen equipment, sinks, and faucets in the world market. Today, the steel is no longer the only material used in the production of sinks. The range of this brand has replenished with modules made of composite material — fragranite, which structure includes natural granite grit and acrylic resin. Ecological components of FRANKE products, their high functionality, and ergonomics, as well as resistance to mechanical and chemical damages, coupled with an attractive design, will delight the hosts of any kitchen. Go to Website

Fulgar Milano

FULGOR MILANO. Italian producer of home appliances since 1949. FULGOR MILANO products range is wide: wine refrigerators, ovens, sinks, hoods, stoves, coffee machines, cookware heaters, cooktops, etc. Everything you need in the well-equipped kitchen.  FULGOR MILANO style can be described as minimalistic, which allows their household appliances to fit well into the interior, without attracting any attention. External simplicity conceals a "rich inner world" of the latest technologies and innovations, marked with all necessary international certificates (ISO 9001: 2000, the PDCA, etc.). Minge veebisaidile  


ILVE was founded in 1969 in the province of Padova, Italy. Country style is the hallmark of ILVE kitchen appliances. It makes it popular among professionals and amateurs, who appreciate original appearance, style, and tradition, along with the latest technology. Kitchen units, cookers, hoods, refrigerators, sinks and the most popular double ovens, in the decoration of which copper and brass are widely used, create an atmosphere of a village town in a kitchen, where the warmth, the peace, and the comfort rule together — such important things nowadays. ILVE kitchen appliances provide modern technological opportunities in the original vintage design. Go to Website  


InSinkErator is an American company and brand name known for producing instant hot water dispensers and food waste disposal systems, generally called "garbage disposals" or "garbage disposers". It is owned by Emerson Electric.

IP Industrie

IP INDUSTRIE. Parma, Italy. Italians treat carefully the most just three things: cheese, ham, and wine. They believe these products are alive. This has apparently enabled IP INDUSTRIE to create cooling cabinets for wine storage. Wine freezers of this company have many advantages, providing optimal storage conditions: thermostats, digital displays, backlight, glass with UV protection.  The models vary widely from small embedded cabinets for kitchen units to dimensional modules with special compartments for cheese and ham for wine shops or restaurants. Oak, wenge, walnut or stainless steel: the appearance can be anything. A guarantee of quality is undeniable. Go to Website


NIVITO is a Swedish company producing faucets and soap dispensers of stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in any equipment, which is in direct contact with food, as It does not contain any harmful contaminants and is not susceptible to That is why NIVITO uses for 100% stainless steel for its faucets. NIVITO taps and dispensers are elegant, exquisitely simple and absolutely reliable in a Scandinavian manner. The models are designed in a classic style that is well suited for the interior in the style of hi-tech and retro style and a perfect fit in the interior of the country style. NIVITO company focuses its activity exclusively on innovational technologies, environmentally friendly products, and stringent quality control. Go to Website


NOBILI is the largest Italian holding company for the production of sanitary equipment throughout the EU, which includes more than a dozen companies, including the company STELLA, founded in 1882. More than 5 million faucets a year (from extravagant to ordinary) will satisfy any customer needs. Single-lever and hose pull-out faucets, modern and retro design, brass and nickel coating: such faucets can give a finished look to any sink. NOBILI laboratories conduct daily metal quality control; test the strength of the screws and ceramic discs in the cartridge. The evidence of this is 8 patents of technological efficiency. Go to Website


VIK AV OU is a tried-and-true firm which caters the complete sets of kitchens and bathrooms. Our product range includes in-built and other kitchen facilities: cookers, ovens, cooking units (hobs), exhaust hoods, and, of course, sinks and taps. We offer the choice of table tops and worktops, wall panels from stainless steel, tiles, various elements of decoration, even saucepans. By and large, we have everything that will make your kitchen a cosy and attractive place.